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Chuck is an animal lover. His love for snakes started in a cold winter in 1976 when he caught his first snake at the age of 6. As a third generation Miami native, catching and raising s

nakes came easily and naturally. Capturing, keeping and caring for snakes and other reptiles and wildlife over the past 35 years has taught Chuck a lot about their care & maintenance.

Chuck took his love of reptiles to a whole new level 14 years ago when he began working with the Miami Dade Fire Department as a member of the Venom Response Team, AKA “Venom One.”

Due to his work with treating snake bites, catching pythons, and caring for those reptiles in the Miami area, Chuck has become somewhat of a “celebrity,” He has been featured on Animal Planet, National Geographic, Discovery Channel, History Channel, and a number of other local and national news media outlets.

Throughout the years his love for animals (especially reptiles) has grown from a hobby to the opportunity to share his vast knowledge of his captive breeding efforts with others.